Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to Stay Positive

Hello everyone!

I've been noticing a lot of negativity lately and it's made me consciously work towards staying positive. Whether I'm at work or just scrolling through Twitter, there are always people who choose to throw around their negative vibes and it's hard to shake sometimes. I'm generally quite a happy and positive person, so I thought I would share how I stay that way when negativity comes knocking. It's so important to not let anyone's mood ruin your day, or let a bad day get the better of you. Here's how to stay positive and happy : )

There's always a silver-lining
My Mum is quite a positive person and this is something she has taught me as I've grown up. Just like all those inspirational posts tell us, there's a lesson to every experience in life. Even the really sucky ones. For example, take the first time I had a panic-attack at the gym. It was awful and I truly hated my trainer seeing me like that. But the silver lining to it was that now I know my limits when it comes to my breathing. I know now when to stop and take 20 seconds to breathe properly and refocus my mind. Yes, it sucked at the time, but it was something I needed to learn. Train your mind to find something good in everything and you can turn a really negative situation right around.

Practice Gratitude
Let's face it, life gets busy. Really busy sometimes. Which quite often means that we don't stop and appreciate those little things that make us happy. Maybe you saw a cute dog on your way to work, you had a great chat with a friend, or you had a yummy lunch. Dig out an empty journal (because if you're anything like me, you'll have plenty of those) and start filling the pages. Write down happy things that have happened that you are grateful for at the end of each day, and see how much a makes an average day/week feel better than you think.

Change the subject
I find this helpful when I'm talking to someone who is feeling annoyed and venting to me about a problem. If I can tell that their negativity is making things worse, I always try and turn the conversation around so that they start feeling better about it instead. It stops both of you from feeling drained and the situation may not seem so bad after all. Get them to talk about something positive that's happened to them/someone recently, and see how quickly the negativity goes away!

Re-charge your positive vibes
Getting rid of those negative vibes is so important in helping you stay positive. If something bad happened at work or you got a bad grade, leave it all behind when you go home. There's no need to worry for longer than you need to. Learn to focus on right now and move on from what has you down. Do whatever makes you happy to recharge those positive vibes: make a cup of tea, read a book, watch your favorite YouTubers, or have a chat with someone on Twitter. Start the next day fresh and leave that negativity behind.

Always remember: Life is not a competition!
This is something I've been reminding myself of a lot lately, and I think it's something we all need to focus on more. When I'm out running or at the gym and someone gives me an evil eye, I always want to stop them and say "I'm not your competition!" Fitness is a time to focus on yourself and everyone's journey is so different. There's no point comparing ourselves to each other because our bodies are all unique. All of us are doing it to be fitter, stronger, and sexier, so there's no competition. All of us are gonna look great! 
The same goes for university, or even the blogging world. Whenever you feel insecure just remember that all of us were born different. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be the best, use that to drive your ambition. Just remember that making friends (rather than enemies) along the way is a lot more fun.

Always remember that positive vibes are contagious, so whether you're on Twitter or at work, do your best to keep a good mood going. Life is so much better when you get rid of negativity and focus on staying happy.

How do you stay positive?
Steph x.

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